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DBC Systems

DBC Systems

DBC Systems are Design-, Brand- and Creative Systems, and every one of them serves a bit different purpose. Design Systems are usually concerned about the user interface rules of a brand and thus might not be relevant for every business. A Brand System on the other hand focuses on the overall strategy and consistency of a brand, which definitely is relevant for any business. Lastly, a Creative System (also known as Brand Design System) is a combination of the two, excluding the strategy part of a brand system. A Creative System includes comprehensive set of rules for all visual elements within a brand, from websites and applications all the way to ads and other creative. It is an entire design ecosystem of a brand.

Design System

Definition: A design system is a set of standards intended to manage design assets at scale with the use of reusable components, rules, and patterns.

Mostly associated with: UI design

Brand System

Definition: A brand system is a set of guidelines that govern how a brand should be used through different brand touchpoints. 

Mostly associated with: Brand Strategy

Creative System

Definition: A creative system is a complete set of design standards through all brand touchpoints. It combines the Design System with identity (style guide) section of a Brand System.

Mostly associated with: Every brand touchpoint from websites and applications to ads and other creative.

The purpose of a Creative System

Why does a business need a comprehensive design kit? The truth is, every brand who’s serious about gaining customer loyalty, differentiating from the competition, and maximising their user- and customer experiences need to combine their design assets in a system. It alone increases brand value and helps the company to keep brand identity consistent through all brand touchpoints.

Another reason is easy management. Once your business starts to scale and/or you collaborate with third parties, things can get tricky. You might have multiple style guides, libraries, SVG, PNG, and PDF files, XD-, Figma-, or Sketch prototypes and what not. With a well prepared Design- or Creative System everyone from in-house team to third party collaborator will be on the same page. This saves the company a lot of time in a form of meetings. Getting a Design- or Creative System for companies that are serious about scaling is a no-brainer.

Lauri Keinänen, 2022.