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There are 394,754 designers in the world.

Why should you work with me if every one of them is capable of providing high-quality design?


I am

Lauri Keinänen

Specialized in

Design Systems
UI Design
Brand Identity Design

In business since


Alive since



Design Systems
UI Design
Brand Identity Design


2020 - Present


Blo Creative Agency
2009 - Present

Freelance Designer

As my self
2019 - 2022

Partner, Lead Designer

Mobile Reality

JLR ARG Winner & Thesis Worker

Jaguar LandRover

Values & ethics

Let’s face it, I’m not for everyone and not everyone is for me. I partner with people who share moral and ethical business values with me.

// 01
No bullsh*t
// 02
Take risks and be bold
// 03
Say and do more with less
// 04
Respect other people's time
// 05
Kindness & empathy goes a long way
// 06
Respect the competition but disrupt the industry
// 07
Most of the time that meeting could have been an email


Entrepreneurial Attitude

Fast paced environment? No problem.

A Decade of Experience

Deep understanding of design, arts, and branding.


Self-directed and self-driven.

Problem Solving

I love solving problems, not causing them.


Nobody can be motivated a 100% of the time, but you can be disciplined 100% of the time.

Strategical Thinking

The ability to think and analyze situations strategically.


I know my own limits.

A Pinch of Humour

From time to time, I do crack a dad-joke or two.

Kindness & Empathy

People have battles we know nothing about. Kindness goes a long way.

Pricing models

I use a hybrid-pricing model, custom tailored for each client
depending on which model makes the most sense for both
of us. Models in the hybrid-pricing model include the following:

Fixed Model

A scoped cost of the project based on the project brief.

For example, “This project costs X€”.

Hourly Rate Model

Pricing model based on time consumed.

For example, “This project takes me 25 hours at an hourly rate of X€”.

Value-Based Model

Pricing a project based on the value being provided for the client.

For example, “Based on my observations and experience, I believe this new website is worth X€ to your company”.

Lauri Keinänen, 2022.